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◢ Location ◣
The Past ▸ Marquee Row (As Belladonna)
The Future ▸ Pokey Oaks North (As Buttercup)
◢ Affiliation ◣
◢ Nano Item ◣
Leather Jacket
◢ Appearance ◣
Species ▸ Human | Chemical X
Gender ▸ Female
Hair Color ▸ Black
Eye Color ▸ Green
◉ Nano Information ◉

◢ Level ◣
01 (Retro) ∣ 12 (Academy)
Stun - Cone.png
Miss Fire
Buttercup's alter-ego Mange uses fire to stun enemies in the target area.
Health - Group.png
Rallying Cry
Buttercup's warcry pumps up your group, healing their injuries.
Buttercup Burst
Buttercup intimidates friend and foe alike to get you even more Fusion Matter!

◢ Level ◣
18 (Retro)This Nano is only in FusionFall Retro. (Academy)
Rocket - Self.png
Punk Rocket
Ride those sonic waves! Belladonna helps you rebel against gravity with the power of punk!
Recall - Self.png
Backstage Pass
Belladonna may not remember who she is, but she remembers where you've been!
Top the Charts
Royalties from sales of the Gangreen Gang's latest album increase the taros you earn.

Buttercup is one of the three Powerpuff Girls, whose sisters are Blossom and Bubbles. Unlike Blossom or Bubbles, Buttercup loves to fight and is considered a tomboy. Despite typically being considered the tough girl, she is capable of showing love toward both her sisters and Professor Utonium.


Prior to FusionFall

Professor Utonium mentions that Buttercup had a battle with Mojo Jojo over the ocean, where Mojo knocked her into the sea, causing her to lose her memory and dissapear.

War Against Fuse

The Future


Buttercup appears in the Future as one of the few remaining heroes, with Samurai Jack, Dexter, Numbuh Two, and Numbuh Five, to appear after the battle in Tech Square to give the player missions. She seems to have completely recovered from her memory loss, but oddly doesn't mention Ace at all. She does, however, mention that she had lost her memory and joined a band, but has now recovered. Her Nano is the first one that the player receives, as well as being the first Blastons Nano. She can be found in front of the Mall in Pokey Oaks North near Numbuh Five.

The Past


In the Past, She can be found at Marquee Row in the Downtown section of the map. She informs the player that Ace, the leader of the Gangreen Gang, had taken her into his band, under the identity of Belladonna. She also mentions that Ace is her boyfriend (a possible reference to The Powerpuff Girls episode "Buttercrush"), as proven in the Valentine's Day event and the "How to Date a Fusion" mission line.

Rediscovery (OG Game)

If the player performs the first part of the Music and Mayhem mission line, in which Mandark needs Buttercup's leather jacket for Nano improvement, or if they're performing the "Ms. Missing" guide mission from Dexter, she will be discovered as Belladonna.

I'm Still Standing

She can give out the "I'm Still Standing" mission, in which the player tells Buttercup's family about her whereabouts (in order of Professor Utonium, Blossom, and Bubbles).

How to Date a Fusion

Buttercup participates for a few parts of the "How to Date a Fusion" mission line. She asks the player to stop the terrafusing of the auditorium and the player helps her get back Ace's guitar from the Sonic Scorpions. Ace suspects her of working with Fuse, but it was actually Fusion Buttercup.

Drop Your Weapons

Buttercup also gives the mission "Drop Your Weapons (Part 2 of 5)," after she contacts players during the first mission for Coco, while Mandy contacts players when they are done with Part 2. She sends the player to defeat the Riot Rogues as they were attacking Marquee Row.

FusionFall Retro

Changes to "Buttercup is Missing"

In FusionFall Retro's patch 2.10, the "Buttercup is Missing" plotline was changed in order to better resemble how it was originally meant to be implemented. Unlike in the original game, Buttercup hasn't regained her memory in the past, and does not appear to be dating Ace. Buttercup hears that some people were worried about her and tells the player to tell them she's okay. She doesn't realize that those people are her family. Ace is aware of the fact Belladonna is Buttercup and is holding off on telling her so she doesn't beat him up for manipulating her.

Record Break-In (Retro Patch 3.2)

After completing the How to Date a Fusion mission line, and the I'm Still Standing mission, as well as reaching level 18, the player is asked by Buttercup to get back her jacket which was stolen by a Fusion. Ace suspects it was Fusion Buttercup again and helps the player break into Harada-Bridges Records where the Fusion is. After the player takes a picture of a Powerpuff girls poster, she partially regains her memory and rather than letting her anger out and destroying the Gangreen Gang, she decides to let all her anger out on Fusion Belladonna instead. Midway through the battle, Fusion monsters are summoned, causing Fusion Belladonna to retreat as she heals, while you take on the enemies. After defeating Fusion Belladonna, Buttercup retreats, but decides to still be under the disguise of Belladonna to avoid suspicion of the Gangreen Gang and decides to stay with the gang until she fully regains her memory. She lets the player keep the jacket and the player uses it to create a Belladonna Nano.

Game Changes

On July 22nd 2019, Buttercup was renamed properly to Belladonna at Marquee Row in The Past in Retro Beta Patch 2.9

On August 5th 2019, Buttercup received a new character texture and Belladonna received slightly changed textures and scale in Retro Beta Patch 2.10

On November 3rd, 2019, Buttercup's Belladonna character was slightly moved in order to be closer to Ace's new location with the rest of the Gangreen Gang.

On January 9th, 2020, Belladonna got a new Nano obtainable by completing the World Nano mission, "Record Break-In" in Retro Patch 3.2

Other Appearances

There is a Dynamo set based on Buttercup that can be obtained from defeating fusion monsters. There is also a Dynamo hovercar based on her.


Future Nano Mission

Future World Missions

Past World Missions

Academy-Exclusive Nano Mission

Retro-Exclusive World Missions



  • Like her sisters, Buttercup was designed with more human features such as ears, a nose and fingers (features she didn't have in the series).
  • In both the Future and the Past, Buttercup can be seen (along with Bubbles) wearing a white utility belt. This could be a reference to the show Powerpuff Girls Z, as there they also wear white utility belts.
  • Even though Buttercup is dressed in her 'Belladonna' attire in the past, her text box originally used the name "Buttercup". Additionally, Fusion Buttercup's attire and hair style is based on Buttercup's 'Powerpuff Girl' design, and keeps this appearance for both the Past and the Future.
  • If the player wears the Buttercup Dynamo Helmet, and their character is male, the helmet will be based on Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys. If their character is female, the helmet will be based on Buttercup.
  • According to Retro Gamemaster Devan, in early builds of the game, Belladonna had a different voice from Buttercup, and had an accent similar to Ace.
  • The Record Break-In mission is a semi-remake of A Personal Matter, which was the Buttercup Nano mission from the Academy version of the game.

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