• Delphine-Adélaïde


    March 13, 2019 by Delphine-Adélaïde


    I just wanted to say hello !

    Love Retro. Love KND.


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  • Kemasc

    Concerning Mission Pages

    October 5, 2018 by Kemasc

    Currently, there are three areas of focus concerning mission pages as they are now.

    • There must be a consistent look and execution to how the mission pages are presented.
    • If data is incomplete or still being provided by editors, a  {MisnStub} template should be added to the top of the article for the sake of the viewer.
    • All mission pages should have the {Mission} template present.
    • Presentation of Steps, Character Text, and Journal Updates should all recieve more pass throughs for quality assurance checks and for cleaning up some of the more confusing formatting presented in the past.

    • Many of the missions are currently missing character dialogue and mission journal updates. While it may seem unimportant to some, much of the lore and interesting s…

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  • Cosmeton

    Mission Objective and Notes

    September 8, 2018 by Cosmeton

    Does anyone know where a listing of "mission objectives" and "my notes" sections can be found? I've been using playthrough videos as a source of information for my mission page edits, but they do not tend to show either bits of information. I want to be as accurate as possible for the mission pages, so I do not want to make assumptions on what these pieces of text said.

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  • Cosmeton


    Does anyone know if and where the character biography descriptions from the original FusionFall website can be found? For the sake of accuracy in detailing the story of FusionFall (see Cartoon Network Universe), it would be helpful to have the specific texts from the website to reference. From what I can tell, the Wayback Machine cannot restore the character biographies or related documentations from the website, stating that the use of 'flash' is required. From my research, there does not appear to be a way to bring these parts of the website back.

    If anyone has access to the original biographies from the website, please notify me or otherwise contribute to the universe page with citations. Thank you for your time.

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  • Cosmeton

    Hello, I am Cosmeton.

    I plan on updating Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall/Music with names, descriptions, and imbeded players for songs from the original FusionFall, and FusionFall Heroes. The YouTube channel used as my main source of information—Devan—does list an actual name for most of the songs, but I do not know if the titles are accurate. I have not seen any official source use these names, so I am unsure if those are the legitimate song names, or if they were added by the uploader.

    I do not doubt the information provided by the YouTube channel, but I would like another reference to corrobrate with my existing source to ensure that it is correct. I will likely replace the song names with the names of the locations they play in for …

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  • Firestorm808

    List of Monster Drops

    August 24, 2018 by Firestorm808

    Drops as of 8/24/18

    Name Location Level Difficulty Level Taros Fusion Matter
    Cyber Stinger Poakey Oaks North (Future) 2 4 31

    Fusion Spawn Poakey Oaks North (Future) 2 6 13

    Noxious Spawn Poakey Oaks South (Future) 2 6 13

    Bad Burro Poakey Oaks South (Future) 2 4 31

    Road Golem Poakey Oaks South (Future) 2 6 13

    Air Drone Genius Grove (Future) 2 4 31 12
    Tech Drone Genius Grove (Future) 2 4 31 12
    Tech Queen Genius Grove (Future) 2 4 31

    Painsaw Peach Creek Commons (Future) 3 5 14 9
    Dire Hydra Peach Creek Commons (Future) 3 6 32 15
    Newsprint Ninja Peach Creek Commons (Future) 3 7 32 15
    Tread Head Candy Cove (Future) 3
    14 9
    Tank Terror Candy Cove (Future) 3
    14 9
    Candy Bandit Candy Cove (Future) 3
    32 15
    Sewer Creeper Peach Creek Estates (Future) 3
    14 9

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  • Jordan123475

    Hello! My name's Jordan. A few years ago I decided it would be a neat idea to edit a map of the FFR World to contain levels, NPC names, Nanos, etc to inform the fanbase and make sure they knew where things were. I posted this to a thread on the FusionFall Retro forums (found here ) and I only just realized I haven't actually posted it on the Wikia, a place dedicated to informing people! So here's a basic ctrl+c ctrl+v of my forum post for y'all on the wikia. This map will be continually updated as I find new and inventive ways to torture myself. See ya around!

    So I was super bored one day and I decided "hey, this never existed. Why not label every area in the retro world." and then I thought "hey while I'm at it, why not label LITERALLY EVER…

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  • Fusion Aquaabyss

    Here are things that need to be checked/updated to be accurate to Retro. If I missed anything, please comment.

    Information on the wiki should be updated to match the Version 1.1 patch notes, as seen here
    It should be noted that according to Dogon, "not all the re-added missions are exactly the same" and "a lot of the dialog was straight up missing so I wound up having to write a lot of it myself".

    • Mandark has been moved to Genius Grove (The Future). Samurai Jack has been moved to Goat's Junk Yard (The Future).
      • Should be listed as such on
        • Any mission they give
        • Mission Lists
          • Must actually go to mission list page, NOT the missions page, to edit
        • Area pages
          • They must also be removed from the Peach Creek Estates (The Future) page.

    • The following missions h…

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  • Fusion Aquaabyss

    Hello, Fusion Aquaabyss here!

    As you may have noticed, I've been adding the Category:Mission stubs on mission pages that desperately need them. While there are other things to work on, I'm mainly focusing on improving those pages for the time being.

    However, it's not something I want to do alone. So, I'm reaching out to the community! I should probably do this somewhere else, but for the time being, I'll just do it here.

    The best way to improve those pages is to use the Mission Format. There, the templates needed are all listed in all in one place, how to use each aspect of the template, and even an example! I should also tell you that updating missions is rather tedious and can extend your playtime per mission. The best way would be to break…

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  • Fusion Aquaabyss

    Hello all!

    With Retro coming just over the horizon, I'd like to make a request to you (yes YOU), the community. I'm sure by now that you have noticed that the missions pages on the wiki are severely lacking information or look (or are) incomplete. 

    This is where you come in!

    All I ask is while you play the game, you update the missions pages as you play the game! If you're not sure whether or not a mission is following the Mission Format, you can check Category:Mission stubs or get to the Mission through the Missions page to see whether or not it is following the Mission Format! If it is, you can continue on your merry way, but if it isn't, just fill in the mission as you fulfill the mission with every single aspect of the mission (this inclu…

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  • Xydux

    Fusionfall Universe

    July 24, 2016 by Xydux

    Fusionfall Universe

    I found this on Wikipedia where they linked to it, mentioning that there was a revival of the game that would happen here. Now, it's possible that this isn't happening, but from what I can tell it's on the up-and-up and Fusionfall may return as soon as this fall!

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  • Fusionwilliam


    November 17, 2015 by Fusionwilliam

            I remember few years back when I played Fusion Fall...such an amazing game wish it got revived. To be honest it's been so long I forgot all about the game, including this wikia which I had many edits on. Who ever is still active I have a question what game caught your eye after Fusion Fall ended? Me...the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, Dragon Ball games and of course Call of Duty. Fusion Fall was a good game, until Fusion Fall Heroes came out which was horrible, it got cancelled because of that? That will forever be a legendary Cartoon Network game beating the Nicktoon crossover games by a longshot. It gave the Cartoon Network cartoons a new feel, a dark one. 

    Probally won't come back to this wikia for awhile, I will come back …

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  • Jordan123475

    My old FF Wiki Account

    October 13, 2015 by Jordan123475

    so what USED to be here was my old ff wikia account

    but i am NOT keeping that here

    if you want it...

    ...too bad

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  • Foxy in the hall

    say 123 if you want fusion fall back

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  • Jordan123475


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  • Jordan123475

    I've returned to the wiki after a prolonged absence! I have created a new account and none of you care, do you? I figured...

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  • Mickey02

    fusion legacy wiki?

    February 23, 2015 by Mickey02

    as you may know a fan game of fusion fall is being made but  should it be its own wiki or part of this wiki?

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  • BeyondSacrifice

    Fusion Fall - Legacy!

    February 19, 2015 by BeyondSacrifice

    Hey, guys, or as it is, the rest of this ghost town named Fusion Fall. The war is NOT over, the people from Fusion Fall Legacy are reviving Fusion Fall, yes, you can play the game soon! They post updates and sneak peaks every weekday of their progression, so this community is NOT dead!

    Even better, after they have finished the main storyline and revived the full game, they, with OUR help and OUR suggestions will continue to expand the story, featuring new updates every year or so.

    You can check their official facebook page here:

    Their site here:

    And remember, the war is on! So be patient and you'll be soon questing again in the wonderful world of Fusion Fall!

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  • Manuel.vegapurificacion

    I'm going to add pics of the original design of clothings, weapons, characthers, and these things. I think it'll be helpful.

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  • CJT157

    New Nano Ideas

    June 27, 2014 by CJT157

    I will be making a lot of new nanos and maybe even missions for them. A new nano will be released every week or so and a mission for one I have made every month or maybe longer. My first nano will be the BMO nano.

    BMO nano: Cosmix

    Guardians of Sunshine - Guard

    Bug Battle - Damage

    Super Good Boys - Scavenge

    NEPTR nano: Blaston

    Marceline Nano: Adaptium

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  • Badooga1

    As you all know, FusionFall has been shut down and it is safe to say Cartoon Network is never going to officially bring it back. I have heard good progress from Project R at the link below, but I am not sure of how close to the original FusionFall will be to the original, considering I saw things such as "mana" and some other things:

    I want to give faith to the people creating Project R that the game will be good, but the true, original FusionFall that we all remember is never actually going to come back. The new one will never be a true substitute for the original story of the invasion of Earth by Planet Fusion, and CN will never bring it back for us.

    It is very sad, but the truth hurts. As the titl…

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  • Rockstar1941

    Well ive played fusionfall since i was in 5th grade now im a freshmen i was sad af when from the begining of my highschool (freshmen) year to hear my all time faveorite game was gone. At the time i didnt put much to it bc i wasnt on for a while and didnt check on it freshmen year so much happend blah blah blah until two days later when the game was shut down i lost liturally everything my whole 5-8 grade life gone in a blink of an eye and also all my friends that were like family to me i loved them so much and every thing no one could ever replace them no matter what idk and i really doubt any of them would be here but if you guys out there please message me. Im ROCKSTAR ROSCOWICk if any of my old friends not friends my family memebers my …

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  • Fusionwilliam

    Don't know how but, I have become a Admin thank you.


    I'm leaving the Wiki will come back once in awhile. _________________________________________________________

    You can contact me on Xbox, My gamertag is Blazingnyancat

    _________________________________________________________ Or Subscribe to my youtube Blazingnyancat

    _________________________________________________________ Bye Guys!

    Goodluck in life!

    Also, in Fusion Fall Ressurection. If I hear any news of Fusionfall I will come back to it!

    Hopes for Console fusionfall!

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  • Fusionfall Legacy

    We are FF: Legacy, a new (and better) Fusionfall recreation team. We have a lot done already (all of the terrains) and we're deticated to remaking Fusionfall. But we can't do it alone. We need you to help us. 

    Fill out this form, which should only take a few minutes. We are mostly looking for people who can model, texture, or script.

    And remember:

    The time is now, the hero is you.

    -The Fusionfall Legacy team

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  • Zakary1

    Where Are You Now?

    April 15, 2014 by Zakary1

    Since the deletion of Fusionfall in late August, the wikia has more or less split. I just remembered about Fusionfall today, and lamented harshly. 4 years of my life were spent on that game, and now it's gone. It hurts. It really does. I don't think I'll ever fully move on, as I get urges time and time again to play the game. But I've tried. In the meantime, I've done a couple other things.

    Since the closing of Fusionfall, one of the things I have done is become a graphic designer. Although I'm not excellent, I'm good for the program I use (Gimp 2.6). Another thing I have taken to: Electronic Music. I create it. I have my own alias (FirstPriority). And it's a newfound passion of mine. You can sub to my soundcloud here. Please do, I'd really…

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  • Esamelsaket

    Oh, Hello .. I am new here so I don't know am I posting that here right or I should post it in another place .... let's start.

    My name is Esam and I am a photoshop designer .. having the main Idea of the movie .. drawing the concept art ... I want a small team consisted small number people who will be working hard starting from 13 May .. I want any number of people who can make the voices ... three who can make lip sync on Adobe Flash ... two who can make characters script from the main Idea ... and a professional on Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape or other vector drawing program ... If someone can make any of these just send me to that e-mail or on Facebook .. that's it .. the movie will be posted as soon as we finish it…

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  • LBGaming

    Sad news today, F.M.H.Q is shutting down their FusionFall Minecraft server. They had great progress but due to low interest they shut it down.

    (News from F.M.H.Q below)


       It is with disappointment and regret that F.M.H.Q. has decided to close down its Minecraft Network on March, 27, 2014 due to lack of interest, slow development progress, and low funding. Players will have until then to play the game during its final days. The server address is

       Take note that the official F.M.H.Q. Resource Pack will no longer be updated and will be removed from our webserver after the game is closed. Until then, the pack can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

       This is not the decision we wanted to resort to, as ou…

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  • Superdawnfan

    Save FusionFall

    February 9, 2014 by Superdawnfan

    I havent got on fusionfall in a long time but then heard depressing news that i wont be able to again.But there is still hope maybe if we could convince them this is a game for them to keep there will be a few things we need to do first.first stop asking them for upgrades id like TD to be in it but do you see me begging constantly no so why should you they put a lot of work into this why should you complain. next dont complain about how it acts with your computer they put work into the graphics its your computers fault if it doesnt work.also make sure to say save fusionfall on the poll i made maybe they will give it to us if we find enough people (probably something over a thousand and if we show it to cartoonnetwork somehow maybe they wil…

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  • Firebeamx

    I just noticed after not playing FF for 2 years, that FF:H still use the same login servers.

    Basically I entered my old email after clicking forgot username/password, and suprisingly, I got a mail, it had my old FF username, when I logged onto FF:H my characters name was in the top right hand corner. This makes me wonder, why would they make a MOBA using the same servers, instead of just keeping the (may I add WAY, WAY better) original fusion fall going.

    Any opinions from the lost wanderers of Fusion Fall wiki?

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  • Jose Gerard Luis Esguerra

    New characters from the fusionfall heroes(WHO TOTALLY OUTCAST FUSIONFALL)

    • Dee dee
    • Mandark
    • Blossom
    • Bubbles
    • Im very sure you guessed it (Buttercup)
    • Him
    • Fuzzy lumpkins
    • Darwin
    • Richard-Gumball's Dad
    • Nicole-Gumball's Mom

    1. Im back-Suprised to see me again the truth is i have a great trauma of fusionfall ending but im back you will see me bringing back the story of DO IT AGAIN(3X)
    2. Help me-Guys i have a wiki called minionrush wiki- please help me i cannot do this alone
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  • Tannhaeuser

    A Song for the Season

    December 14, 2013 by Tannhaeuser

    [To the tune of „O Tannenbaum“]

    O FusionFall, o FusionFall!
    I'm really gonna miss you.
    O FusionFall, o FusionFall!
    I'm really gonna miss you.
    My avatar looked, oh, so cute
    While battling in his tundra suit.
    O FusionFall, o FusionFall!
    I'm really gonna miss you.

    How dull are all, how dull are all
    The other games next to you!
    How dull are all, how dull are all
    The other games next to you!
    I find that all excitement's gone
    Now that I can't fight Fusion Spawn.
    How dull are all, how dull are all
    The other games next to you!

    Repetitive, repetitive,
    This song is, aw'fully, ain't it?
    Repetitive, repetitive,
    This song is, aw'fully, ain't it?
    I find that I don't care at all,
    Now that I can't play FusionFall,
    Repetitive, repetitive,
    This song is, aw'fully, ain't it?

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  • V0DeusEstDominiMei

    Are there any indie developments of either a sequel or a similar title to FusionFall? I'm heartbroken that the game's gone as I just figured out today, but I do believe that if we work together, we can make some sort of our own project that, even if it isn't FusionFall due to legal reasons, has the similar fun play-style to FusionFall that we all love. Any developments?

    --Nick...The Lone Editor 01:13, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Fusionwilliam

    Somewhere out of the Cul-De-Sac Wall. TOM will be outside his ship. He will have some quests for you.

    Slime Goo and, a Atomic Wrench -

    Tom asks you to steal Dexter's wrench becuase he has a atomic wrench. You steal it then bring it back to Tom. Now, you have to Defeat 5 Slime for their Goo. Now you goto Tom's Ships Door. Then goto Tom. Now, you can go in his ship.

    Sara's Last Wish -

    Sara has been corrupted by a fusion. You must defeat her. Once, you defeat her a Fusion Tom appears you defeat Fusion TOM. Bring Dexter the Fusion you got a Tom nano! Looks like 1997 TOM. Due, to TOMS old bacteria attaching it self to Fusion TOM.

    RIP Sara....oh yeah and Clyde! If you remember Clyde in the commerical breaks?

    Marzapain City Ruins: From …

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  • Tannhaeuser

    In order to provide a certain amount of consistency of usage on the Wiki, I thought I would take a brief time to talk about three ways of distinguishing phrases from their context that are often confused.

    One is the use of bolding.

    One is the use of italicizing.

    One is the use of "quotation marks."

    There are no truly solid and recognized rules for using these three methods;  however, there are general trends to follow.

    Bolding is pretty much the equivalent of ALLCAPS or double underlining.  It is used for emphasis:

    • I know Cartoon Network has shut down the servers, and it makes me furious.

    In textbooks, encyclopedias, and so on, bolding is used to single out words that are being defined.  On wikis, the subject of the page or article should be bolded at…

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  • Tannhaeuser

    Editing Made Easier

    November 14, 2013 by Tannhaeuser

    I  would just like to remind everybody that if there is any doubt about the spelling of any of the common nouns (as opposed to the proper names of things in a particular show or in the FusionFall universe), it can be avoided by hitting the "Source" tab at the top of the page being edited (right next to the "Visual" tab). Any misspelled words will be underlined in red squiggles. Of course, that won't help much with homophones like "to," "too," and "two," or "they're," "their," and "there"; nor will it help much with malapropisms like the "sentinel" I just found for "sentient." Still, it will help to avoid some errors of mistyping, and that's always of use. (I am afraid, though, that it is set up for American spelling, so you ABC's (Austra…

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  • Fusionwilliam

    I'm Back, Info

    October 22, 2013 by Fusionwilliam

    Hey I'm back guys If you don't know me I used to contrubute here............and, heres why I left the wikia for awhile

    • I'm a 8th Grader Now
    • I do more stuff (Draw, Write, Read)
    • Currently working on reading Warrior Cats Book Series
    • (Subscribe? Check Out my videos?)
    • I have a facebook
    • I am working on stuff on
    • and, other personal stuff.......

    But so yeah...

    I'm Back

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    October 16, 2013 by MOHD SAAD KHAN
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  • Tannhaeuser

    An interesting idea was posted on the Cartoon Network FusionFall Heroes forum.  If the network were to make a FusionFall cartoon movie, it "would start in the 3D kind of anime look of the game, and then maybe it could have a series of portals, that the characters from the different shows would go through, and then we'd see the heroes and the Fusions in each show's different style, like Wereskunk Rigby fighting a Tech Queen drawn in the style of [The Marvelous Misadventures of] Flapjack, or Courage the Cowardly Dog running from a bunch of Striding Lampreys in the style of Regular Show."  I find the idea rather intriguing.  Of course, I would want to see something done in the good old Hanna-Barbera style of Jonny Quest.  I wonder what Quest-style De…

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  • Thanatochronic

    Let me just start off by saying:

    Well FusionFall, you will be forever in my heart. The good things eventually wither away and then they don't come back. FusionFall, I will never forget about you!

    With that out of the way, I noticed that HUGE massive amounts of things changed since my departure. For starters, someone told me that a user was given admin membership, but he abused it and is now banned until the end of time. I also noticed that new admins were hired for the job, so all I got to say is: Good work you guys! Help out the Wiki as much as you can! Another thing I noticed was that the font for most titles is different, but amazing. Finally, it seems that FusionFall died out. Turns out that all characters are now 36 and contain infinite…

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  • StefanD11

    But things change.  People Change,Memories Don't.

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  • Fury Aftershock star

    I made this blog post to say bye to fusionfall ( also cause i want to earn a badge). I know how you all feel about ff's closing but the thing is that nothing can live forever. Know I think CN did injustice to the players but we shall wait and distract ourselves. I know that after 1 year or 2 some of us will carry on and say " You know I played tis awesome mmo.."and suddenly yu will remember the good times in fusionfall like hanging out,awesome stuff,chat.I am sorry to say but FusionFall is done for I know i made a fool of myself thinking to bring back Fusionfall but it is not worth it....sigh.Bye FusionFall R.I.P

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  • Silasqwerty1

    Revive fusionfall!

    September 9, 2013 by Silasqwerty1

    Let's all send messages to cartoonnetwork at threating to ignore everything cartoonnetwork unless they bring fusionfall back! If they want customers, they will have to bring it back! P.S, don't say it if you don't mean it. I am ignoreing CN completly since 10 min ago. And will keep to it until they bring fusionfall back! --Silasqwerty1 (talk) 14:50, September 9, 2013 (UTC) signed silasqwerty1 a ex-cartoonnetwork fan.

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  • Ultix10

    I am Ultix10, and with four other members are doing a game based on FusionFall and need lots of help, but what we are looking for now are 3d models, found some in but they are enough, if anyone has models that have ejected from the game, please pay your models to us, tell us who they are, if they help us would be great. We asked for help from TyAquazon but apparently do not want, because you have not answered anything.

    We ask that to us pay their models. Whether it's clothing avatar, the avatar, hair, weapons, anything to us serve.

    Already, Thanks

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  • ZionWWBU2001

    My Ode To FusionFall

    September 2, 2013 by ZionWWBU2001


    Oh, FusionFall(x2)

    Oh, how we Iove you


    Verse 1:

    To the Fusions we all missed

    Fighting Fuse

    can make us ticked

    To the NPCs

    we all loved

    The sweet gear

    has gone above


    Verse 2:

    To the monsters

    We have killed

    The petition

    should be filled

    FusionFall will be saved

    by the fans


    He's da man


    Thank you.

    Let's raise FusionFall from the dead, please.

    Sign the petition.

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  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Before reading anything below, please let the soundtrack below play while you read, it shall add more feeling.....

    Men, we all surely know FF is dead, now the wiki has no more sense in existing, if it would go down,I will surely miss you all lads, every of you.I cannot believe this is happening.....Friends, lets atlast keep the wiki up, even if it has no sense in it....let people know that we were ancestors of such a game the new generation never had the chance to play......I miss my char so much,O dear Zara, I miss everyone actually.....People,friends,lads......this is the end of the beginning.

    No lads, it is not down for maintenance or is forever, first when I've read this, I didnt believe, but when I say the play button re…

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  • FusionAce

    FusionFall is Gone

    August 29, 2013 by FusionAce

    Guys, it's over. Even though we tried our hardest, we still couldn't stop Cartoon Network from shutting down FusionFall forever. Now all we have are internet videos, and pictures to satisfy our memories. It's been fun, but Fuse has overpowered us. The war is over. But let's at least keep this game memorized.

    Just check this link and you'll see:

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  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    The sad news

    August 29, 2013 by Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Oh, this should draw the line!

    First,they made it to mantenance,then they did it to mantenance again (obviously doing nothing),then they would shut the chat, and now? They'll close it?

    Closing the chat only that people still used some curse words is like saying "The apple got worms, cut it in half" .

    Why? I am not playing FF as I played once, but still, it was my childhood, I can still remember those good ol' days, where Minecraft,Halo,Spore didn't yet exist for me, I only had Megaman,Sonic and Fusionfall,God damn those retards who lead the game,every game itself is unique, in its own way, but FF is something seen once in a lifetime!

    The petition should reach their silly ears,but it doesnt guarantee what we expect!

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  • Gottabethebest1

    Final Message to the Players, and Fanbase,

    With the sudden, though not totally unexpected, news of FusionFall's imminent closure this Thursday the 29th of August, the players have begun taking a hard look at the years the MMO has given us. In this week of memories and our last round of fun with near-unlimited money and power in-game, we must take this chance, our final chance, to collect the data from the game.

    As noticed by many people, many of the pages on this wiki are sorely lacking full, or proper, information pertaining to the game. Specifically, many of the mission entries are incorrect, half-complete, out of date, or simply not there at all. Many are un-catagorized. Since joining this wiki at the beginning of this summer, I have made…

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  • Qrr Qrr289152

    Farewell Party!

    August 25, 2013 by Qrr Qrr289152
    • United States Pacific: Chat: 10:00 a.m. Game: 1 pm
    • U.S. mountain: Chat 11 AM Set: 2 PM
    • United States Center: Chat: 12 am Game: 3 PM
    • United States East: Chat: 1:00 pm. game: 4 pm
    • United States Atlantic: chat 2:00 pm Game: 5 pm
    • United States Alaska; Chat: 9 am Game: 12 am
    • United States Samoa: Chat: 7 am game: 10:00 a.m.
    • United States Hawaii and AleutianChat: 7 am game: 10:00 a.m.
    • . Go to the back of City Hall (the Great Machine of City Hall) and hang out in groups, adding buddy and Redeeming, etc.. 
    • . After a while we pass Townsville Center and also hang out. 
    • . Then go to Townsville Park Outpost of Providence in Townsville Park. And here you can make games as a "Simon Says" with the winner receiving an Item that has selected. Trade In should put all …
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  • Wave12

    End of FusionFall

    August 23, 2013 by Wave12

    Guys, it is true.

    FusionFall is coming to an end.

    As said on the Facebook page, FusionFall will close on August 29.

    I'm really upset. All the things that this wiki has done to keep FusionFall going and going has gone to dust.

    As of now, I think everybody is Level 36 and alot of Taros.

    I ask everybody, now until 8/29 I would really like to tell me their favorite part about FusionFall.

    This was my first online game ever. I could be my character and fight Fusions and monsters. I wish to you all good luck coping with this horrible incident.

    For more information, check out this link to Facebook:!/FusionFall

    R.I.P FusionFall

    1/14/09 - 8/29/13

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