Birthday Bash title card

Birthday Bash was an in-game event held in celebration of FusionFall’s 1st anniversary. The "party" was located on the border of Pokey Oaks North and Pokey Oaks South, where a giant birthday cake stood. Several NPCs were featured for the event from shows such as Ben 10: Alien Force, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and The Secret Saturdays.




Pokey Oaks North

Pokey Oaks South

Unofficial Birthday Bashes

The original Birthday Bash was the only in-game event held in celebration of the game's anniversary. When a follow-up Bash was not held the following year, the initial response from a majority of the fanbase was confusion, leading very soon to random speculation. A popular rumor circulated that the event would return the following year, and later, that it would be held only once every three years. All these rumors were of course proven untrue and the event was apparently discontinued.

Nevertheless, a band of players have conducted an annual player-run Birthday Bash each year since 2011, featuring item raffles, races, and "war tournaments."

FusionFall Retro Birthday Bash 2019

The FusionFall Retro Birthday Bash for the game's 10th anniversary took place in January 10th, 2019, introducing over 50 new items, the original celebration cake in Pokey Oaks, along with hoverboards and a new original Chat UI, exclusive to Retro. NPCs resembling Noods from Cartoon Network's Nood Era were found in the area. Party Poppers and Birthday Bashers, new enemies, dropped exclusive items when defeated.


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